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SC BODY 1 pc Swamp Ash 1 pc Walnut 1.5 KG 805247

Body type : GUITARBUILD SC BODY - Tele routs, contoured front 

Wood type / Pieces : Swamp Ash ONE Piece with ONE piece Walnut top

Weight: Extra Lightweight 1.5 KG ONLY

Body thickness: 44.45 mm thick

Neck socket: 2 3/16" 56 mm

SC Hollow rear rout.  The body is 44.45mm thick. All control panels and pickup pocket pre-routed. Neck socket is 2 3/16, 56 mm. This is our reissue spec body.  Guitarbuild offers a chambered replacement body which is approximately 25% lighter, more resonant, and has greater sustain than a solid body.  3mm solid top.

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