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SC BODY Vintage (1950's) 1 pc Swamp Ash 1.9 KG - 809863


Body type : GUITARBUILD SC BODY - Vintage spec (1950's)

Wood type / Pieces : Swamp Ash ONE Piece


Body thickness: 44.45 mm thick

Neck socket: 2 3/16" 56 mm


SC Vintage spec this body has been made EXACTLY to match the original 1950's SC. If you are looking to build an authentic SC then this is the body you want ! All contours match the original , note they are larger than the re issue body please see close up pictures. This vintage spec does not accommodate some pickups that require the standard 3/4" (19 mm) depth to fit in the rout, such as the ones with the magnet attached to the bottom of the pickup. You will need vintage spec parts for this body , if you dont have them please see our re issue body that has deeper routs etc. Neck socket is 2 3/16



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