SC SSS Vintage BODY 2 pc Swamp Ash 1.8 KG - 812733


Body type : GUITARBUILD SC SSS BODY Vintage spec

Wood type / Pieces : Swamp Ash 2 Piece - Offset join


Body thickness: 44.45 mm thick

Neck socket: 2 3/16" 56 mm


SC Vintage spec this body has been made EXACTLY to match the original 1962 SC. If you are looking to build an authentic SC then this is the body you want! All contours match the original, note they are larger than the re-issue body, please see close up pictures. This vintage spec does not accommodate some pickups that require the standard 3/4" (19 mm) depth to fit in the rout, such as the ones with the magnet attached to the bottom of the pickup. You will need vintage spec parts for this body, if you don't have them please see our re-issue body that has deeper routs etc.


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