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  • April 01, 2014 1 min read

    The Jaguar design was started in 1960 and the first Jaguars were produced in January 1962, full production beginning in March 1962. Although similar to the Jazzmaster in body and headstock outline, the scale length was reduced from 25 ½” to 24”, a 22nd fret was added and brighter sounding pickups replaced the warm sounding units of the Jazzmaster.

    Our body was painstakingly copied from an early 1966 model kindly loaned by Jaguar aficionado Jon Crawford.

    All features were replicated in detail creating a perfect vintage copy Jaguar body which is available on our website.

    Original bodies in Sunburst or solid colours were either Poplar or Alder and very rare blond finishes were applied to ash bodies.

    Attached are some pictures of the original body as well as our exact copy showing a template that we also made.