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Yes, sure we ship guitar parts all over the world every week.

Yes, all our bodies & necks are made in our own factory in the UK.

If it's before 2pm UK time then within an hour of your order the item will be leaving our factory, pretty cool, right?Please note, if the headstock shape needs cutting or your order also includes any made to order or custom items (e.g. scratchplate or a cover, etc), this will affect the dispatch time.

If the item is in stock then yes, you will know if its in stock as the item will have a code in the item description usually starting with an 8 for a body and a 3 for a neck.

Yes, we supply lots of trade customers, read all about it here Trade Customers

DXF or DWG are fine.

Yes, we offer full CAD services, but it's expensive.

In stock items are ready to ship.

Custom and made to order bodies, scratchplates and covers will be shipped within 14 working days. Custom necks 6-8 weeks.

During holiday periods this may vary.

Please note, we do not ship part orders, so every item on your order will be shipped together.


It is the number of pieces of wood joined to build the body.

Our packing department will ensure your product is sanded to 320 grit and ready for finishing, very little work will be required before you finish your product.

We do have a spray shop ready for production and this will be offered sometime in the future, but, at the moment we do not offer finishing.

Mainly USA, we only buy high grade timber for our projects.

Yes, we only use dried timber. Ever had a cheap imported neck that turned out badly twisted? Most likely the wood was not dry when manufactured. You can always get cheap necks online, but at what price?

Please check all the hardware fits before finishing your body.

We never machine bodies that we haven't checked the parts fit, so please get in touch and you can get the correct hardware.

Seriously? If you are going to spend money on building a guitar don't cut corners with a cheap neck. Most of the tone qualities are influenced by the neck. Stick to quality parts only, like ours.

We currently only sell bodies, necks and scratchplates. Parts are readily available online to fit our products.

We do not machine other people's wood, just in case something goes wrong on the machine (even if you take the risk, sorry).

Yes, all our products are available left handed, please get in touch for custom work.

We use state of the art machinery but not a crystal ball, please measure the heel on your neck. If in doubt you can post it to us for checking, this is a free service.

We do not cut copyrighted headstock shapes, you must design your own or cut your own.

Yes, necks are levelled and dressed as standard.

Yes, sure and it's free just add a note on the order "Please ensure fit between body and neck".

Both please as technical drawings are often wrong and we like to check fitment.


All Guitarbuild's guitar replacement parts adhere to the vintage/original 56mm neck pocket and heel dimensions. As with any guitar or bass build, checking your measurements is the best way to ensure a perfect fit. Check out this diagram for further details.

You can post your parts to us so we can make sure they fit perfectly (custom work will be chargeable only if it's necessary).

Please try our email support first. We sometimes offer instant chat on our website & Facebook messenger. Please ring 01522 700271 if you still have problems.

We aim to provide feedback for all requests within 24 hours, but please allow for 1-2 business days for a response. Our support team is primarily based in the Greenwich Mean Time Zone and is available during standard business hours, Monday to Friday.

You can reach out to us at any time through our Support Email or by filling out our Contact form. Please provide key details along with your question, such as a diagram or photo rather than a big long text based email.

Our support encompasses general questions about guitar and bass building using parts. It does not cover issues such as errors due to third-party hardware, or as a result of modifications made to bodies, or necks outside of our factory.

FREE UK Mainland shipping.

We offer worldwide shipping - shipping prices are calculated at the cart.

We do not ship part or split orders, goods will be shipped together.

We do not offer a collection option at this time.

We want you to be 100% happy with our products, if you would like the full policy you can find it here is not responsible for any custom duties and import / export taxes, please contact your local tax office.