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JB BODY 1960

This item is made to order

Great copy from an original 1960's JB. Includes authentic router hump which was present until 1964, after that there was no router hump. All routs are as per the vintage specification even the brass earth strip (see photographs) (brass not supplied). If you are looking to build an authentic JB this is the body you want!

Thank you to Bharat Khandekar for providing this information. 

  • PICKUP AT BRIDGE: Jazz Pickup
  • PICKUP AT NECK: Jazz Pickup
  • BRIDGE: Top loader bridge position holes (0990804 & 0055257049)
  • TREMOLO: None
  • CONTOURS: Front & Back
  • Body thickness: 42mm (Note that after 1969 they were 44.45)
  • Neck socket: 63.5mm x 14.2mm (rounded)
  • Neck available: Click here 
  • Scratchplate available: JB Scratchplate 1
  • Scale length: 34”
  • Custom rout options available with most products, please email for a quote.
  • Want lots of customisable options? Try our custom builder: Click here
  • Parts not supplied.