Size Guide
Scratchplate Size Guide

Order a matching scratchplate and we will make a scratchplate that matches the body you are purchasing.  Make sure you order the correct size material for the scratchplate you require.  There are some examples below to help you.  If you need custom work on a scratchplate please get in touch first for costs.

205 x 115 LP / La Cab    La Cab Scratchplate
205 x 235 TC / TM  TM Scratchplate
300 x 235 SC  / JB  SC ScratchplateJB Scratchplate
400 x 235 JM / Bass  / TC Deluxe PB ScratchplateTC Deluxe Scratchplate



    • PB 66 - The body is 42mm thick a great copy from an original 1966 PB.
    • Includes authentic router hump.
    • Standard neck sockets are for original necks (63.5mm x 14.2mm)  (Custom sizes available)
    • You can customise this body click here

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